ABYSSAL VACUUM - Mmxvii-Mmxviii LP

Black Metal

€ 12.00

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Data sheet

Vinylcolour Black
Format LP
Genre Blackmetal
Label +Vendetta

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"Abyssal Vacuum reveals a distinctive musical vision and “voice”, offering a conception of black metal that manages to be both mesmerizing and strikingly intense. It emanations from a deep and cavernous abyss, “like exploring the darkest caves of Earth”, but the experience it creates might also bring to mind the mysteries of the cosmos lurking in a hostile off-world void." (no clean singing)

"This project is a thick wall of black hate that is far more powerful than much of what you’re hearing today. ABYSSAL VACUUM is a project that needs to be respected because it’s that fucking good!" cvlt nation

This LP combines both eps, the one from 2017 and the one from 2018

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