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the upcoming TOUNDRA 2lp rocks! after their glorious debut lp right now we are very impressed. Hate people comparing bands to other as they are always lying and exaggerating, but even if TOUNDRA are slowing down sometimes, they are kicking ass like a perfect new formed band outta the ashes of KYUSS and RUSSIAN CIRCLES and ..

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Vorübergehend ausverkauft

Hardcore for the Punks ! releasing the debut LP from WAR EMBLEM (Philadelphia) in partnership with our friends at Protagonist Music. WAR EMBLEM features former members of Off Minor, Kill The Man Who Questions and Saetia and play brutal hardcore/punk with undertones of crust and d-beat. The LP includes 15 songs.

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As you may have noticed, the early days' heavily Mid-90's Screamo influenced sound, that helped YFERE to release on renowned labels APE MUST NOT KILL APE and DENOVALI, has evolved into a more specific, black metal-ish, gritty, dark and hyperactive hardcore noise. Thematically "Zirkel" (german for "cycle") ..

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