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The Hellpreacher marks the third release of metal supergroup/collaboration Birds Of Prey (see the band trivia page for specifics), and is their first take at a concept album. The basic premise is the happy tale of a young child, raped and beaten at

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Latest Album by our friends Hope Drone.

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With an ageless magnificence and rich musical imagination, Mastodon unleash Leviathan, an unabated testimonial to the band's earthshaking ability to rock. Their thundering musical muscle, talent and vast sea of ideas triumphantly unite on Leviathan, deliv

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Mastodon need no introduction as they have become one of the premier bands in current American metal. "The Hunter," their 2011 full-length, doesn't stray far from their previous formula of epic and technical metal. 

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2013 release, the third studio album from the Portland, OR-based Alt-Metal band. On Whales And Leeches, Red Fang worked with producer Chris Funk and mixer Vance Powell, the very same team helmed Red Fang's last album, Murder The Mountains, which Alternative Press magazine hailed as ''a near-masterpiece of tangled tar pit riffs and whisky-and-bong-hit...

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Dark Hardcore/Metal

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Progressive Metal

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