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Incorporating guest appearances by American singer-songwriter Matthew Ryan, as well as the typical, deep and almost dying vocals of Reinhard Obermeir, lead to tighter song structures while maintaining Our Ceasing Voices full cinematic strengths. Thus, their new album will make sure sure you wont be able to escape your memory. Of everything that happened...

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The debut album of Austrian Post Rockers OUR CEASING VOICE on Vinyl! Expect a mixture of piano parts, guitar walls and explosiones sections. Atmospheric rock at it's very best with guarantee for gooseflesh!Based on the upcoming novel by Sebastian Obermeir

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Sleeping In Gethsemane from Fargo USA combine post metal, rock and jazz in a very unique way. If you like RUSSIAN CIRCLES, you will love Sleeping In Gethsemane! 8 tracks, 48 minutes of music. Glossy cover, 180g black vinyl, 300 copies, A2 poster with cove

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the debut album of Syndrome, the lastest moniker under which Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah) operates. Opposed to the emotional and violent outpour that Amenra delivers, Syndrome explores the very boundaries of introspective music.

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