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Formed in California, Agowilt is a five-piece band from Long Beach that combines elements of hardcore, black metal, and doom to create an ominous cloud of aural devastation summoned by the hatred of the modern human condition. Inspired by the ideals of anarcho-primitivism, the band is dedicated to the abolition of the industrial complex and..

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Now here's a killer split 7" featuring two of the scene's heaviest teaming up for a split 7" release that's a benefit for Wiggle Butts Bully Rescue of Cleveland, Ohio and HugAbull Advocacy & Rescue Society of Vancouver, BC. 100% of the proceeds from this seven inch will be split evenly between both of these canine rescue nonprofits..

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Two of the most interesting and musically original U.S. extreme metal bands now going, Vestiges and Panopticon, have teamed up for a split release that became available as a digital download two days ago, with vinyl to come. If you know anything about these bands, then chances are your expectations will be high — and you won’t be disappointed..

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