Releadedate in january 2021.
Double CD incl 28page Booklet, packed in a media-art-book.

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It is quite unbelievable what HEXIS (Denmark/Italy)  have achieved in their career so far. Singer and bandleader Filip  Andersen founded the band in Denmark in 2010. Within the last 10 years HEXIS then toured numerous times across the globe and stopped by at places  like the United States, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Iceland, Russia, China,  Australia, nearly every part of Europe and countless other countries.  There are barely any places left, where they have not been on their  overall 800+ shows!!!
2020 should have continued like 2019 ended for the band, but  this year everything is a bit different and so they couldnt play any  shows (so far).
This year marks their 10 years anniversary and the band wants to  celebrate it with discography double CD (40 songs), packed in a beautiful media book with 28page booklet.
After two full albums and over ten EP / Split releases, covering almost all possible physical formats, it is time to look back now.The band is known for their distinctive blend of black metal that is influenced by doom-ish sounds and the furiousness of hardcore-punk  without only adapting the stereotypes of the mentioned genres. The songs  appear to be both, ferociously and in a way menacing when singer Filip  unleashes his harsh vocals within the adamant and brute sound walls that  the other musicians build up.
HEXIS are extreme in any possible way! Highly  recommendable for fans of bands like Celeste, Shora, Thou, Altar of  Plagues, Ancst, Hierophant, All Pigs Must Die etc. !!

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