IRIS - Haunt Me 10''


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A great collection of mournful shoegaze from Toronto’s Iris. The ‘Haunt Me’ reference comes from the song “Numb”. in which Danielle Clark sings, “Make me feel again like I need to/ I don’t mind you haunting me.” Such is the theme on this EP, a wistful yearning for lost loves. Things get a tad more sinister on “This Isn’t Goodbye…”: “Knife in hand/ Staring at these four walls again.” It’s not clear what she intends to do with that knife, but it can’t be good.

Iris’s music is delightfully ragged and punk-edged, with Clark’s morose vocals hovering in the background like a disembodied wraith. For some that may sound like a prescription for suicide, but for fans of emo/shoegaze it is right up your alley.

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