Sale! STORMO - Finis Terrae CD

STORMO - Finis Terrae CD

new STORMO album.
Releasedate: oct, 4th 2019

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Borders can be mental, existing only in our heads, and yet feel as powerful
as though they were made of barbed wire and guarded with guns. And
then there are the borders that are very much physical, which can have
quite visceral emotional ramifications. The furious, Italian, hardcore
act STORM{O} is back in 2019 with the new album “Finis Terrae”.
If the previous records “Ere” (2018) and “Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo
In Un Attimo and Il Cerchio Sara Chiuso“ (2014) were all-out cross sections
of everyday life presented with audacious, pained rage, “Finis Terrae”
takes on the nonsensical reality of our society. In a world where hope is
vanishing, for STORM{O},writing this record was almost a necessity, a
required act.Working with SOFT MOON’s producer and sound engineer
Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) helped the
band find a more cohesive and mature sound. They play a unique mixture
of pulverizing hardcore guided by fast, aggressive drumming. Wailing
vocals in Italian are intertwined with anxious spoken words, angry shouts
and desperate screams. The furious song structures lead to brilliant
set breaks that mark the only spots to gasp for breath. The guitars act
within the frame of dynamic songwriting that leaves space for a couple of
uplifting moments,while the bass adds a discreet noise-rock edge. Over
12 songs that combine the fury and speed of old-school hardcore with the
gloomiest melodies of post-hardcore, STORM{O} delivers
another album that is a testament to the underground music scene.

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