HANGMAN'S CHAIR - This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive CD

Stoner Doom

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HANGMAN'S CHAIR from Paris is back this year with its fourth album, This is not supposed to be positive produced by Francis Caste. Over the years and the records, the band has gone beyond their early stoner/doom sound and now finds its own style with colder and simpler songs (still heavy though) and more melodic vocals with Cedric (singer/guitarist) fantastic voice that reminds us of the 90s downtempo hardcore bands like LIFE OF AGONY, ONLY LIVING WITNESS or SECTION 8. Of course, the main inspiration is ALICE IN CHAINS but we can hear some gothic metal touches like TYPE O'NEGATIVE or even THE CURE. With this new record, HANGMAN'S CHAIR simply becomes the best French stoner/doom act.

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