Blood Red is the debut album by EGOPUSHER, who play a mix of Ambient, Electronica, Postrock. There will be a black (/350) and limited red (/150) version available.
Releasedate: 25.05.2018

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Tobias Preisig (violin, synths) and Alessandro Giannelli (drums,
synth), who met as a live musician on a project of Dieter Meiers (YELLO)
Out Of Chaos, are EGOPUSHER.

„Blood Red“, the debut album of the Swiss electronica / ambient
duo, is like a score composed to an anamorphic, color fresh version
of an overwhelming spectacle of light, except that this ! lm plays only
in the mind“s eye and through a steady dose of high Affective painkillers.
In that sense, listening to this record is a profoundly transforming,
cinematic experience.

„Blood Red“ is the result of over 100 live gigs and recurring improvisation
sessions; a journey that turned two different individuals
into a musically seamless, synchronous, symbiotic organism. The
album was created in a process in which individual ideas and parts
were brought out again and again and have thus slowly settled in
the minds of the duo. Stylistically, the album is based on a timeless
form of electronica, fueled by clear, warm, analog synths, sweeping
arpeggios, strong melodies and FX-driven theatricality, creating a
sound framework that even has a classic, neo-contemporary style.
It sounds modern and retro alike and always reminds of legendary
soundtracks from the 80s.

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