VUKARI - Matriarch LP

Atmospheric Black Metal

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Ambient black metal, post-rock duo Vukari have released Matriarch, a concept album about a “Slavic slave girl who is bought by a Germanic lord who promises her freedom and prosperity”, and while the concept sounds depressing, the album is an introspective, uplifting wall of sound that washes over the listener with texture and panache. Matriarch is filled with instrumental bits that take form in many different palettes; swaths of color blend from each instrument — whether it be the vocals, drums, guitars, or keyboard. There are parts which build up the intensity only to fall in the form of post-rock bliss; minute long tracks that break the harshness. Matriarch is another album that is breaking conventions of US black metal — utilizing ambient post-rock qualities to bring a sound together is something the US is known for in this genre, and, while other acts have their own agendas about black metal, Vukari is capable of paying homage to acts like Darkthrone, although Vukari shows more upswings of emotional range than down-in-the-dirt, wretched black metal.

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