HEXIS - XII 10'' + CD

Denmarks HEXIS come along with the new release. Five Doom/Blackmetal inspired songs pressed on a lovely 10" with an extraordinary cover: Heavy Gatefold-Cardboard with UV Spot + CD. Vinylcolour is clear.

Releasedate is September 29th.

€ 12.00

(incl taxes, excl. shipping costs)

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It is quite unbelievable what HEXIS (Denmark/Italy) have achieved in
their career so far. Singer and bandleader Filip founded the band in
2010 in Denmark. Within the following seven years HEXIS then toured
numerous times across the globe and stopped by at places like
the United States, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Iceland, Russia and nearly
every part of Europe. However, 2016/17 is supposed to mark another
climax in the band’s history. With over 300 booked shows until the
end of 2017, HEXIS once again embark on a crazy trip that brings the
band to remote places such as Armenia or Georgia, as well as to
Israel, South East Asia, Australia, South Amerika and again North America.
Additionally by the end of 2017, the band will have released 3
albums and 10 EPs/splits altogether.
HEXIS play a distinctive blend of black metal that is influenced by
doom-ish sounds and the furiousness of hardcore-punk without
only adapting the stereotypes of the mentioned genres. The songs
appear to be both, ferociously and in a way menacing when singer
Filip unleashes his harsh vocals within the adamant and brute sound
walls that the other musicians build up. HEXIS are extreme in any
possible way! Highly recommendable for fans of bands like CELESTE

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