ROPE - Burden 7''

Experimental Postrock.

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Rope is a former act of Geist Records, UK, started by Berliner JayRope (Air Cushion Finish/television workshop) on no computer live electronics/guitar, Rob Cummings on drums/looping, Michael Lenke on uprite bass and Malcolm Arison on harmonica in 1996 in Berlin.
The band turned from sparse experimental folk to instrumental post-postrock, with sidestreams of noise, dub, ambient & post electronica. They released two albums, “Rope Hotel” 1998 and “It’s no fun to compute” 2000 on Geist Records. Rope was compared to Tortoise & Suicide as well as the music of Andrew Weatherall, Howlin Wolf and remotely DHR-related music.
In 2008 Anton Maiof of Geisha/Bristol & jayrope worked on Rope again, meanwhile Rope collaborate also with vocalists Neil Carlill (Vedette/UK), Eduardo Lalo Padilla (Molloy and his bike/MEX/also guitar), Lee Thompson (Pipher/CAN) & Vaka Lee (MEX).

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