Neu WE LOST THE SEA - Departure Songs 2xLP

WE LOST THE SEA - Departure Songs 2xLP

Fifth Anniversary Edition of Departure Songs on double 180g vinyl (minimal green/black splatter on milky clear) in gatefold cover on reverse cardboard. Comes with a 12p booklet (12" x 12") telling the story behind the songs.This 5th anniversary edition exclusively includes 5 high quality (250g) art prints (12" x 12") with artwork and tour dates of Departure Songs tours around the world.

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Data sheet

Vinylcolour Green/Black Splatter on Milky Clear
Format 2xLP
Genre Postrock
Label Dunk! Records

More info

his highly acclaimed album is the third album by the Sydney-based, cinematic, instrumental post-rock/metal band, We Lost The Sea. Since its initial release in Spring 2015 (on Bird's Robe Records) a lot of people have been captivated by this magical piece of art with its astonishing artwork and touching melodies.

"Departure Songs is inspired by failed, yet epic and honourable journeys or events throughout history where people have done extraordinary things for the greater good of those around them, and the progress of the human race itself. Each song has it’s own story and is a soundtrack to that story. This is our 3rd album and our first instrumental album. We’re exploring new ground and exploring ourselves in the past 2 and a bit years since Chris went on his own journey. It’s slightly bleak with shimmers of hope and layers of emotion. It’s a tribute and a catharsis of emotion and honesty."

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