Neu PILLARS - Cavum Reimagined 2xLP

PILLARS - Cavum Reimagined 2xLP


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Data sheet

Vinylcolour Milky with black/purple smoke
Format 2xLP
Genre Postrock
Label Dunk! Records

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Far from the average assortment of remixes, Cavum Reimagined is an artful expansion of the ideas present in the original version, a more reflective and patient collection that acts as the other side of the looking glass, as the previously unrealized possibilities reflected over the face of the waters. Arranged to reflect the mirror image of its companion, this new vision of the record begins where Cavum leaves off, with the album-closing “Coda,” and traces its steps backwards, this time around stopping to examine details that may have gone unnoticed during the initial journey. This reimagining is meant to complete the experience of listening to the record, the contemplative Side B to the original version’s emphatic Side A.
Guiding the way is a collection of names that should be well-familiar to fans of the genre, with individual contributions carefully curated. Her Name Is Calla’s Tom Morris brings to “Coda” their delicate sensibilities and adept ability to fashion deeply dramatic and emotionally wrenching compositions out of spare, restrained arrangements; Tides of Man’s Spencer Gill brings their mastery of subtlety and carefully crafted builds to “Solace;” Coastlands’ Jason Sissoyev & Jordan Householder take the explosive “Black Prayer” and imbues it with a tension that is always on the verge of combusting; PILLARS’ alumni, zakè (Zach Frizzell) and Drew Sullivan of Slow Dancing Society carefully settle “Dying Light” down into a patiently pastoral piece that is rich with a curtain-like texture; Ryan Osterman of Holy Fawn delivers a glitchy, textured version of “Dissolution” that mirrors the band’s own dedication to blending striking beauty with unbridled fierceness. Appropriately, PILLARS’ Marc Ertel guides the reimagining of Cavum to its conclusion with a fresh take on “Escape,” balancing restraint and disquiet in a way that expertly leads listeners back to the beginning of it all to again set about on a new exploration of the source material.
The new exploration of the record represents the desired outcome for the remix album, one that brings in relevant voices in the genre and allows them to interpret the music in exciting new ways, but ways that also expand upon the experience of the original album. Listeners will find while working through this supplemental material that it’s like discovering a whole new album, rife with its own rewarding surprises and unique nuances. Cavum Reimagined will be featured as the back half of a double LP, combined with the second pressing of the original record. This release will be produced at dunk!pressing on crystal clear vinyl in a double gatefold, giving fans the ultimate version of the album to add to their collections.

Included remixes:

Coda- Tom Morris (Her Name Is Calla)
Solace- Spencer Gill (Tides of Man)
Black Prayer- Jason Sissoyev & Jordan Householder (Coastlands)
Dying Light- Zake & Slow Dancing Society
Dissolution- Ryan Osterman (Holy Fawn
Escape- Marc Ertel

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