Sale! STREET EATERS - Blood? Muscles Bones LP

STREET EATERS - Blood? Muscles Bones LP

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Blood::Muscles::Bones comes on the heels of several years of relentless global touring by this Bay Area band. Recorded during a heatwave in Portland, Oregon, what went to tape reflects the intense reality the band has been living—a two-seat compact truck crammed with multiple amps, drums, and empty coffee cups; dense basement shows in the Midwest that turned into swamps; shows in haunted German schools-turned-squats, medieval French catacombs, smoke filled Japanese practice rooms, and abandoned Hungarian aluminum factories. In the middle of all the wildness and urgency, STREET EATERS kept honing their sound, tenaciously driving inward towards the darkened heart of the sun. Blood::Muscles::Bones shows this focus, reflecting a leaner, meaner Street Eaters. Cutting deep into the band’s sonic guts, the album’s ten tracks are bloody, sinewy, jagged and sincere to the bone.

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