Sale! BEAUTIFUL SUNDAYS - Tangled Thoughts About You LP

BEAUTIFUL SUNDAYS - Tangled Thoughts About You LP

hail from Argentina, and this is a punk/powerpop/a bit of hardcore cool band, not very far of Crimpshrine / jawbreaker and the Rvivr / peacepunk influences... pretty cool!

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It was love at first sight. I can’t say no to the swarm of water-colored cats playfully intertwined on the record cover. I slip out the vinyl and, lo and behold, the B-side is adorned with even more playful kitties screen-printed in gold ink! It’s a shame that the vinyl belongs in a frame, not on your turntable. The music is clean and the production is crisp, especially the punchy drums, but the vocals are off-putting. They’re equals parts New Found Glory’s prepubescent squeals and the awful screaming techniques heralded by Epitaph’s catalog of “hardcore” embarrassments. Sometimes love is superficial.

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