The YELLOW PRESS from San Francisco formed in early 2003, featuring ex-members of TORCHES TO ROME and HOUSEBOY, and with a mixed bag of hardcore and new wave influences, banged their way into every warehouse-space and art gallery in the city, while touring extensively and releasing two CDep's on their own label SILVER SKATE RECORDINGS. 

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Not since Brooklyn introduced LIARS or LES SAVY FAV have so many kids caught on word-of-mouth to how ridiculously fun a YELLOW PRESS live-performance can be. Built around a solid rhythm-section and grounded in a grumbling bass that might actually get physical, the boys add a swirling keyboard and stabbing guitar lines to create short, punchy songs without the gimmicks employed by most post-punk bands today. Danceable and melodic, yet wholly unique in style and approach! 
The YELLOW PRESS are YéYé-Punk!! 
This 12" contains all 9 songs from both their (now sold-out!) CDep's, for the first time & exclusively available on vinyl!

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