AMALTHEA - The Fall 7"


New Single by swedish friends AMALTHEA.

The single 7" will be ready in time for their russian tour in late february 2013.
The song on the 7" inch is a teaser for the upcoming album.
Please note, that this 7" will only be available on their tour and in preorder. No official sales afterwards.

€ 4.00

(incl taxes, excl. shipping costs)

More info

“the fall” is the newest output by our beloved friends in Amalthea from Gothenburg. Musically Amalthea present an ambitious version of melancholy driven post-rock which is a consequent progression of the bands history. Mostly slow arranged guitarlines meet up with smooth played drums which are underlined by a ligneous bass. The vocals are clean as well as harsh and set an adequate contrast. All in all a succeeded teaser of what to expect from the bands future. 
This 7inch contains one song and a silk-screened print on the b-side. It will be exclusive available from Moment of Collapse and the band itself on their Russian-Tour in late February. No official sales afterwards! The release will have a very limited pressing on petrol-colored vinyl and won’t be repressed.

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