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Custom size 9″ vinyl in custom made 9″ picture disc sleeves. Silk screen covers and lyric sheet tucked safely inside.

Singaporean emo band Tapestry have surfaced with a new vinyl split with US screamo outfit Coma Regalia. Titled our laughter under cerulean skies, the split is a collaboration between the two bands. A quick listen to the songs on the split reveal tales centered around love and the lack of it, even as the songs are cryptically titled.

Tapestry contribute ‘strings & azimuth’ and ‘i won’t be here when they get back from their holiday’, while Coma Regalia come through with ‘day one’ and ‘day two’. Both bands last released full-length albums in 2016: i hope you never find me for Tapestry, and There’s Still Time for Coma Regalia.

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