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Over the last few years The Tidal Sleep have slowly but surely worked their way up to being one of Europe’s most talked about post-hardcore bands. With an EP, two albums and two split releases under their belts this is a band that has refined their sound over the years, becoming ever more vital,visceral and urgent - bucking the trend of many a peer.

Combining and condensing down influences from post-rock, post-hardcore, indie and earthy, gruff punk bands into something identifiably their own - The Tidal Sleep are a unique, yet incredibly accessible proposition for any discerning rock fan.

After lulling you into a false sense of security with gently chiming acoustic guitars, Be Water explodes into a cavernous, panoramic soundscape with ‘Bandages’. Things settle down somewhat - enabling the band to show their many sides, throughout these 11 beautifully written, cohesive compositions - ebbing and flowing between dark and light, braun and delicacy. The urgency is never lost however - even in more tempered moments such as ‘Collapses’ with its driving, almost alt-rock tones or the tasteful theatricality of ‘Wreckages’.

Like Svalbard and Departures before them, say hello to another great band putting a different slant on post-hardcore weighty in genuine emotion yet big on memorable, great songs.

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