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Vinylcolour Black
Format LP
Genre Screamo
Label Zegema Beach

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Dave at Zegema Beach wrote:

So here we are, after what seems like forever, I get to premiere the labor of love that has been brewing since early 2017, the ENVY/LOVE 12" tribute compilation. Since the entire thing was my baby, I guess in the end it only makes sense for me to premiere it in its entirety right here on (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))), and maybe throw in some facts and thoughts not circulated elsewhere.

This comp was first conceived as an improvement on the Jeromes Dream tribute compilation, as that cover comp was someone else's baby that I kind of adopted. It's a great tape with a lot of awesome things on it, but I knew that some of the bands weren't really even aware of Jeromes Dream before deciding to hop on the tribute and a lot of bands that were initially interested in it dropped off and we had to ask for help in getting all the tracks that we did. After it came out I was very stoked, but realized quickly that I would have done it differently from the get-go. Deciding to rectify this, I spent a few weeks thinking of a band that I loved and was very influential, but had difficulty being totally sure of many choices. A few included Off Minor and Neil Perry but it didn't seem like the time for that. Now, though...

Anyhoos, so one day it hit me, ENVY. Holy shit ENVY have influenced myself and countless friends to a degree few bands can even daydream of. I realized quickly that I knew a lot of bands that were mature enough to both write a cover true to the original while simultaneously making it their own. I sent out no public messages, but contacted bands that I loved and felt were obviously influenced by ENVY and played a style congruous with the Japanese post-hardcore/screamo that they perfected well over a decade ago. Some bands answered my initial question with, "We never really got into Envy," to which our conversation about contributing stopped. One notable band even told me that ENVY was so good, they didn't want to possibly ruin a song, which I completely respect.

The initial idea was for it to be a 2x12" but I quickly realized that the groups I really wanted to take part had been contacted and some had already started to submit songs, so I capped it at a single 12". There was but one hiccup that was cleared the day it came up. Croatia's Mališa Bahat lost a band member and realized they wouldn't reach the deadline in time. LKTDOV from Indonesia had emailed also asking if they could take part in the comp, as I had premiered the first single (Shizune's cover) just days before, thus letting the information about the tribute album public for the first time. I love LKTDOV so that problem fixed itself instantaneously. The Japanese band AGAK informed me that they wanted to take part but were unable to have a song completed before November, so we decided to include their cover as a digital accompaniment to the tribute.

Everything else went very well. Connie Sgarbossa did the fantastic artwork. Jimmy Stellwagen from Niboowin mastered a few songs and did the complete album master. All the bands contributed fantastic covers. So, without further ado, ENVY/LOVE, in its entirety.

"Hand-numbered black inner sleeves plus an insert with each band explaining how Envy influenced them and a download code."

Limited to 333

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