CULT OF LUNA - Live At La Gaite Lyrique: Paris 3xLP

Atmospheric Posthardcore

€ 22.00

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The band stated:

“A few years ago, we took the decision to keep touring to a minimum. The sole reason was to prevent us from burning out, to keep the flame and the passion burning. But the experiences on the road that we've shared for almost 20 years has been life changing for all of us. We thought it was time to release a special object related to the live aspect of Cult of Luna and how we have progressed since the release of “Fire was born” eight years ago".

This 3xLP features CoL most impressive Songs from their Creation of their early music till the Vertikalera recorded live in Paris. Glossprintcoverprint on a 3way-panel. Foe sure their sound is heavy, but this release does also.

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