SONANCE - To Posses You Entirely LP


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Vinylcolour Black
Format LP
Genre Postmetal
Label Truthseeker Music

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Sonance have forged a path of their own, always uncompromising and destined to produce distinct, challenging records at every turn. Now, with their first new album in four years, Sonance have created their most abrasive and caustic collection of material yet.

A look back at Sonance’s discography so far demonstrates their mastery of genre-blending as well as a tendency to push the limits of dynamic, heavy music. ‘To Possess You Entirely’ fuses the experimentation of Grails and Godspeed You! Black Emperor with the nihilism of Eyehategod and frayed nerve rage of Today is the Day. In just 40 minutes, Sonance switch seamlessly from delicate refrains of chamber orchestras to harsh, shrieking, distorted noise.

Diatribes on depression, alcoholism, alienation and sociopathy collude with overwhelming surges of distortion and ritualistic percussion to remove what little hope is left. An expression of pure misanthropy, ‘To Possess you Entirely’ is the sound of harrowing abandonment.

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