Neu EXULANSIS - Sequestered Sympathy LP

EXULANSIS - Sequestered Sympathy LP

Postmetal, Doom

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Data sheet

Vinylcolour Black
Format LP
Genre Blackened Doom
Label +Alerta Antifascista

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EXULANSIS emerging from the Colestin Valley Oregon, Oakland California and Portland Oregon, Exulansis forms a nuanced variation of antifascist black metal, anarcho-doom, post-crust, folk and chamber music by presenting acoustic elements with unrelenting blast beats, soaring melodies and subterranean harmonies. "Sequestered Sympathy", the debut offering by guitarist James Henderson, violinist Andrea Morgan (formerly of Megaton Leviathan) and drummer Mark Morgan bursts through the ground with roots exposed to present a collection of movements stirring in somber atmosphere vivid with despair.
I would say that it fits perfectly somewhere between DEAD TO A DYING WORLD and ARCHIVIST

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