DROWNSHIP - A Dirge To A Carrion Heart 7''

Preorder of the debut EP of postmetal outfit DROWNSHIP. Available on yellow (with black smoke) and black vinyl. Releasedate: 22.01.2021

€ 7.00

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DROWNSHIP is a fi ve piece post metal band from Hamburg,
founded in 2018 by Floris and Wolle and featuring members
of Ophis, Todtgelichter, Waive, Caleya and Łinie. So even if this
project is a new one, there is more than enough experience
for a complex and versatile songwriting. The band creates a
blend of heavy and progressive soundscapes, mixed with
harsh and clean vocals. The bands name DROWNSHIP is a play
on words describing a fellowship of the drowning. Lyrically
and conceptually the band pictures the collapse of society, it‘s
consequences and the inner confl ict of the individual.

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