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This CD contains all thus far recorded songs of the band. The songs from the split 7" with Beau Navire as well as the songs of their split LP with Cloud Rat. Housed in a nice Digipack containing all lyrics and linernotes this CD is a must have for all those who didn't catch their vinyls. 

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US vs. Germany on this massive split. Passionated Cloud Rat meet chaotic Republic Of Dreams here.

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two of the best old school screamo bands teamed up for this wonderful 7"

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Coma Regalia, Full of Hell, For Want Of, Voyage In Coma, You’ll Live, Carrion spring, I Don’t Want to Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Piano Bastards (Crocus/Ergon Carousel), Cassus, Lizards Have Personalities, Foxes, Deer In the Headlights, Republic of Dreams, Questionable Youth, Lord Snow, Adobe Homes, Itto, !Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!, History of the...

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Latest output by germanys SALIGIA. Furious powerviolence with members of REPUBLIC OF DREAMS, APOPLEXY TWIST ORCHESTRA, DELOS, LENTIC WATERS.Black Vinyl!Releasedate: 24.February 2017

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